Official Farewell to Texas Tour:

(items listed in no particular order)

✓ Visit some of Jason's favorite people and see the scary places he lived for two years, where he was right before I met him back in the way back... 2007 (but they redid the outside of all these buildings so I just had to trust him on how shady it all was) 

Get "Texas' best burger" at Alamo Springs Cafe/see the millions of bats fly out of the cave (this intrigues me in the most cringey, body shuttering way)

✓ Find at least three mysterious Kerrville Where's Waldos

Get to the bottom of the mysterious Where's Waldo graffiti gang conspiracy

One more rodeo ?

✓ Touch a baby deer

✓ SAVE A BABY DEER (this is a very recent addition... for obvious reasons)

Share a goodbye meal with our new found family we stumbled upon after we moved out here (now our Bob and our Bradfords are stuck with us for life! and they never saw it coming)

✓ Kayak and play in the Guadalupe River as much as we want

✓ Swim swim swim

Say goodbyes 

We have until August 27th. Wish us luck.