My friend Beatrice

I was introduced to many people during our trip, but I met a soulmate on our journey home, the Odongkara family, our last stop. We ate together, we laughed together and cried. We spoke opening and passionately about our struggle and our faith over the years. We drank deeply in the love and light that filled the room. Beatrice and I sat, leaning into each other, our heads nearly touching. Her strong, intelligent spirit reaching out and buoying me up. She and I talked about new ways to pray, expressing and pouring out our hearts, raw and naked in front of our Father. Feeling and sharing our gratitude to Him, for the blessings we are sure will come... as we find ourselves patiently waiting upon the Lord. He has heard our prayer, His heavenly help was sent immediately, and will surely find us.
We meant to travel home Sunday night, to be ready for the workweek ahead. We found ourselves incapable of tearing away from our friends. They insisted we stay. We ate chocolate raspberry tiered cake and talked some more. They made us a bed. They made sure we woke in time, 5:00 AM. They gave us food for breakfast and more food for the rest of the week. They walked us to our car. We drove away.

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