History is written by writers

"Nobody reads blogs anymore."  "Nobody writes blogs anymore."

Here's a question:
Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. That's where the carefully curated life seems to exist now.
Can the reality exist back here, on the blog, where "nobody" visits any more?

Is that why I feel a pull back to this space?
I don't know; but I feel full of excitement, a quiet urgency to start writing again here. 
Call it therapy.

I took a deep dive through time and life to the beginning, the very first blog post in 2008, and back again. Through the evolution of us through the years, the passing of time. Us, our story, has been preserved, written, kept. I'm so grateful.

This time back it feels like I'm writing into a vast, dark void. Voice echoing through a canyon. I picture a person or two out there, someone searching for something, they pause as they hear my voice. Maybe it's what they're looking for? Maybe not. In any case, I see them. They see me. We're solitary, we're not alone.
And it's written. And that matters.

Words cannot describe how much this feels like a deep, full, gulp of oxygen.

Let's carry on with the story...