Tis the season for saying, Thank you

In searching for a unifying gratitude activity for a Young Women's Wednesday night activity I fell upon this feathertastic printable from www.sarahjanestudios.com (she's pretty much awesome at everything). Miss Sarah Jane to the rescue!

We had the girls cut feathers and write on the back of them what they were grateful for… for every other girl. In the end they all had a pile of feathery complements and warm fuzzies. We told them to tape them to a string for a colorful garland or use them as decoration on binders or in lockers. 
I saw some of the sweetest things being passed from one girl to another. They were all smiles. It was perfect.

Because I had an extra sheet of feathers I decided we should probably have some feathery festive thankfulness on our wall too.

And I plum ran out of feathers… Turns out there's so much to be grateful for.

More favorite thankful printables: here, here, here, and here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Lucy said...

Very sweet project. Yup, lots to be grateful for!
Love ya

Kimber Pogue said...

I LOVE that map on your wall! Where did you snatch that from?

Geri Egbert said...

Thanks Kimber! It's a scratch map from Urban Outfitters :)

Nycole said...

love this idea. So simple and cute. Also, it appears as though you're in need of a trip to Washington, in the name of the map.