a 32(.7) miler kind of celebration

Today was a good day. It started really early and included a 32 and .7 mile bike race (for Jason... who insistes the .7, which was neglected to be mentioned in the information page of the brochure, was very important). 
It was a celebration... It's been over a year since the double lung transplant, God is so good!! 

Jas is crossing his fingers he'll still have his legs attached to his body tomorrow morning. I guess the amount and size of hills were neglected to be mentioned in the information brochure as well. Actually, now that I think about it... was there an informational brochure? Maybe we should have looked into that a little further.

...and Jas still isn't sure I've properly explained how difficult this ride was, so here we go: It was an insanely hard ride with lots and lots of uphill and not so much downhill or flat—and at the end (after a quick congratulatory kiss) I had to help him half–tip over the bike so he could get off without falling on his helmet in front of his new friends. BUT he pushed through and would even do it again.

he says he's happy now and we can continue on...

Jas rode with Sharlie's Angels team for today's CF Cycle for Life event. Sharlie received a double lung  / heart transplant about 6 months before Jason received his double lung transplant. We watched and prayed for her and her family as they went through the long, exhausting process... Then she gave us words of encouragement and hope while we went through it ourselves. It was so wonderful to meet sweet Sharlie and her family in person and it was an honor to be apart of Sharlie's Angels.

There's something about CF, and something about lung transplants... makes ya family.  No matter who ya are or where you're from.

From oxygen tanks to bike races... so incredible. You both were amazing today! Well, probably most days—but today y'all went and made everyone cry about it.

Miracles do happen. They happen every day. It's our job to notice and be grateful.
Even if it's just the breath we take. Sometime's that's the miracle.


EB said...

Way to go Jason!!!!!

foreverambie said...

This is just so beautiful:) I am so happy for you guys and so glad things are going well. Our daughter has a heart condition that required (s) a lot of surgeries and will most likely end in a heart transplant-it gives me so much hope that not only can you survive something like what Jason went through, but you can then go on to thrive and do a 32.7 mi bike ride! Whoo hoo! Hope each year keeps getting better for you guys:)

Lucy said...

All I can say is Yea! Yea! Yea! A lump in my throat, Yea! Love miracles :)

Anonymous said...

Love me some miracles too ; ) God is so good to us! Love you both much!!!

merlene said...

such a milestone!!! You both have lived some major miracles & we have all been able to watch!!! So very happy for you both much love to two of our favorite examples!!

Battfam said...

Awesome. Truly.