Home again and another cheap date to the local farmer's market

Our trip to the east coast went pretty well. Jason's lung function is back up to where it was before his crash in May, and he's feeling fantastic! But there was a complication with the bronchoscopy (when getting samples for the biopsy, the fellow snipped a pulmonary artery, resulting in a substantial amount of bleeding and no samples for any sort of testing... such a bummer. Jason's just fine, had a few yucky recovery days, but he's pretty much back to normal now) Sooooo we'll be heading back for another bronch in three months (instead of graduating to wait 6 months before the next follow-up)—and might be requesting a seasoned specialist for the procedure. TMI? probably. But just in case ya wanted to know... there ya have it!

More on the happy adventures of our trip later!

The day after we got home was filled with errands and laundry and a spontaneous date to the Fullerton farmer's market. We went right after seven, the sun was lingering in the beautiful golden hour and this week's band was full of good 70's hits and the fruit samples were delicious and the succulents were blooming... It was everything good. And we're happy to be home.

I've got a very small pot with 5 succulents in my kitchen, 3 of which died a very... natural... death. 
The 2 remaining, I'm afraid, are not far behind.

I've been told you're not supposed to be able to kill succulents.

So I guess that makes me pretty amazing. An inspiration really.


Anne Hill said...

haha I've been wanting to get some succulents since I've heard they are fool proof, maybe I should reconsider! The photo above is the cutest little collection of them

Nycole said...

glad to hear things are so well! Thanks for the continued hope! Just love you guys!

Emily said...

The succulents are gorgeous! I have killed succulents too do not feel bad.


Battfam said...

Too bad the check up went a little badly. Hope that they are much more careful next time.