Adventures in climbing around rocks and trains and sand

Lately I've been hearing little voices. They've been insisting on going outside, finding trails, nearby lakes, parks, beaches, anything. They've also insisted upon Chipotle salads with guacamole and chips on the side. They say Don't worry about your hair, leave it fluffy, just hurry up and get going somewhere—maybe anywhere. So, like any slightly disturbed guacamole junky, I've been doing as I'm told and I've been dragging Jason along with me whenever his school/clinic schedule allows.
Last Friday was hot (ok everyday's been hot) so we decided splashing in the cool ocean water might be refreshing and a little hike around the beach trail of San Clemente at sunset might be the best cheap date we've been on in a while.

And we weren't disappointed on either account.

Famished, we set out looking for a burger and Biggie's Burgers hit the spot... but once we were less hungry and more able to make rational decisions on matters of taste we found ourselves bummed we didn't hit up Pedro's Tacos instead. Moral to story: in a street-fight between burgers and tacos, tacos always win. 
Sorry Biggies. You're totally cute though.


nora said...

looks like you guys had a lot of fun! the ocean looks beautiful.

Michaela said...

I've been hearing little voices too lately. They tell me to GET OUT OF PHOENIX & go back to California :) I just wish that meant southern CA. What a beautiful and fun date!

Rachael said...

You're such a great photographer Geri! Glad to see you both are doing well :)