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At this time last year Jason and I were going through double lung transplant evaluation appointments at USC and Duke, and we had just received the news that we would not in fact be having a baby (although later we learned it could still be possible)... at that time, with everything in our life free falling, we could only look ahead to one day at a time. A conversation I had with my mom late one night after I had been at work early that morning, to the hospital until late that evening, and overwhelmed with everything else looming ahead of us, "Geri, think about what needs to be done tomorrow, only tomorrow. Can you do that? Can you do tomorrow?" Yes. I think I can do tomorrow. "Ok. That's all you need to do right now. Just tomorrow."

Well, the thing about CF and double lung transplants is that you get to meet some amazing people who feel more like family than merely acquaintances or friends. Kindred Spirits who can know how it feels to live with Cystic Fibrosis.

Early on in our transplant journey we met Nycole and Brandon online.

They're in Idaho, we're from Idaho.
Brandon has CF, Jason has CF.
They went through IVF (and were blessed with two beautiful children), we went through IVF and will probably be doing it again soon. Nycole reached out to me while we were going through our IVF process. She was excited for us and encouraging... and she understood the emotional and spiritual and physical difficulties, and living with the knowledge that our husbands have a progressive disease.

Brandon needs a lung transplant... we've been there too.

Right now Brandon and Nycole are going through the exhausting evaluation process at transplant centers (exactly where we were at this time last year). Praying to be listed. Praying for courage. Praying for guidance. Praying to be able to see these beautiful babies grow up with their daddy.

Praying for help.

There are so many different causes to donate to. If this sweet family warms your heart, tugs at its strings, you might consider them.

See their video / story / donate >>  here.
Help spread the word by liking the Team Brandon page on FaceBook.

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Nycole said...

Sorry I'm showing up late to the party!

Thank you so so so much for posting this. The sweetest thing ever.

And thanks for "getting" us like you do.

Kindred spirits is right. We admire you guys so very much.