the one when Jason won the dreamiest giveaway EVER!

I've had a mild obsession with Ashmae's watercolor temples for a very long time. They are light and bright and lovely and everything a painting of a temple should be. Weeeell, a little while ago Ashmae announced a giveaway of 5 (FIVE!!) beautiful temple print downloads. You better believe I entered that baby! To elevate his status from totally awesome dude to Captain Awesomeness, Jason entered said giveaway too. And would you believe it—HE WON!!! Jump back! (a little Footloose ref there for the cool kids on the street)

When I saw the news I died. 
I bounced around the apartment and took part in annoying high-pitched celebratory squealing.

I feel a collage happening in our very near future.
And if you have a birthday or special occasion coming up... hope you have a hankering for some watercolor.

Thank you Ashmae!


Leslie said...

way cool! so excited for you!

the hawker's said...

lucky ducks!! those are gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

So good to see that you both are looking good and enjoying life. Casandra and Michael are in Australia until the end of Dec. Grandma Luke is sad about Uncle Hal but knows that he is happier now. We will all go to the funeral on Tuesday. Take care. Jason, you are still one of my favorite students.

The Orduno Family and Grandma Joyce

Battfam said...

Some new style Mormon art is really fun. Congrats on the win!