Reason 7,545 why I love my husband

He found us a whole new trail for our evening walk adventures—keepin it fresh. It was a steep incline and, aside from two photo opportunities, we made it to the top with no need for stopping. Pictured above is one such photo op, might be my favorite photo of him to date—wiping a smile off his face and his red afro leaning off to the side just so.
He knows what I like.

This trail was sort of hidden and sort of not really a trail; but we got to walk over a bridge, pass some incredible smelling trees, and once we reached the top we were able to see the city around us, the beautiful mountains in the distance, and our little Las Palmas spread out below.

Mmmmm... have I said it's good to be home?

We finished up this evening with an impromptu journey to Esther's Taco House (thank you Kent's for the suggestion), saving me from having any dinner dishes in my sink. This was probably the best part about tonight. Get over here Jason Egbert and give me a kiss!

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Anonymous said...

The way you guys love each other makes me feel like there is so much more hope for me. I want to find what you have. Thank you for the example and sharing your story.