It's About Love – Angie and Neal

Sometimes people glow with goodness. You see light sparkling from their eyes. When you just meet them you get this voice in your head telling you, These are some good people right here.
Well, our friends Angie and Neal are those kind of people.

Shortly after getting to know the Guyman's we learned of their trial of infertility, and the heartbreaking story of their sweet angel baby Jayden. They taught us so many things about faith and hope and compassion.

Well, now they have decided to adopt! and we are thrilled for them!

I can't imagine better parents—I honestly just tried and I couldn't do it.

Please help spread the word, having a little one join their little family will mean the world to them.
(view their profile here)

Neal is now an optometrist in Washington, and the people of Spokane are so lucky to have them.

Before Neal graduated from optometry school and moved away and before Jas got really sick, I walked with them and some other friends in the OC Walk to Remember. Walking the steps dedicated to these beautiful babies, steps they wouldn't be able to take, was an incredible way to remember them and celebrate them.
And every year, on Jayden's birthday Angie and Neal collect donated blankets for their Calling All Angels project. The support they have received in this is amazing and I'm so excited to contribute!
When we first started to prepare for transplant, Neal made the wonderful video that helped us to spread the word. We couldn't be more grateful for his time and talent.


ashley said...

This is a great story. I think you and Jason are also some of those people who glow with goodness.

Neal and Angie said...

How kind you are! Thank you for this touching post! I feel so blessed to know you two and to call you friends! My heart is full and I'm speechless, thank you for your words and sharing this. Love ya! Angie

Holly said...

Angie is my sister! I agree whole heartedly that they will make the most amazing parents!!! :)

The Sullengers said...

You don't know me, but I know them :) and they really are so deserving! Great post

Angela said...

Such a wonderful post. They sound like amazing people!

Leslie said...

you said just the right things. i love those kids.