Jason and I are finally connected to the interwebs again. And our little upstairs one bedroom is finally starting to look and feel like home. And our calves, thighs, and booties are thanking us for those stairs we must walk up to get to our little home in the palm trees, especially if we have two armfuls of groceries to carry and no hands to open the door. Yesssssss.

School has started. Actually school started a week ago, the Monday after we pulled into Fullerton. And we have good news—Jas still really likes eyeballs! This is the last quarter of second year, two more years to go and we start calling that guy Dr. J. It'll be fun.

The day after we got to California it was beautiful and sunny. We slipped into our suits and took to the pool with goggles, sunscreen (SPF 1,000,000) and diving sharks in hand! For those are keeping track, Jas has had a PICC line since last February. It was removed right before we left North Carolina. So this was his first time swimming in.... forever. And that boy dove and dove with his new lungs for those bright colored sharks at the bottom of the pool. Can you believe it? Oh my goodness so so grateful.

Best day.


imrachelnicole said...

Hope everything continues to go well!


ashley mikell said...

YAY! I am so happy about this. And your place looks cuuute!

Unknown said...

Where is that map from? Or is it a DIY ?? So in love!

Cassie said...

yahoo for swimming. and school. and the darling map. and eyeballs. (not so much for the stairs. hehe)

Lucy said...

Life is Good!
So happy that things are still going super good. :)

How sweet It is said...

love this!