I dreamt I held you in my arms

You Are My Sunshine // Elizabeth Mitchell
photo from March 2012—funny, how things change in a year. also, reminder to self to take more pictures of us—together.

Jason had his first test and his first proficiency this week (both of which he rocked like a boss) and I was reminded how student wife life is... and it's not so bad. Schedule and routine. These are things that we once took for granted, things we ached for this last year. I remember lying in bed trying to sleep and wishing to myself for one ordinary day—where no one talks about health, no one worries about breath, people just go about the routine, talk to neighbors, accomplish daily tasks. The idea of this seemed so out of reach at the time. It was a dream I dreamt before sleeping. I'm not sure if the worry will go away, it's something to work on, but all of the other pieces are there. In fact, yesterday was so ordinary I almost forgot to take notice. Almost

Living the dream in this one bedroom walk–up.

Today we jump on a plane back to North Carolina for Jason's six month bronchoscopy and full clinic appointment tomorrow. It will be a very busy Monday. We're hoping and praying for no rejection or antibodies or viruses or greasy bad guys hiding in the trees (there are a lot of trees in NC).

We're also hoping for some Pelican's SnoBalls—because they're the best darn snow cones we ever did see.


Battfam said...

Hope all goes well with the tests.

ashley said...

Good luck! and thanks for the little ray of sunshine! I need to remember always to be grateful for my ordinary little life.

Lucy said...

Boring lives are great!!
Keep up the good work you two. :)

Unknown said...

Your blog is so great. I love everything about it. You are so beautiful and strong inside and out :)