Crazy Little Thing Called

Looks like we'll probably be packing or moving*, not really clear on which stage of the process, on Valentine's Day this year. But we'll be listening to love songs of all shapes and sizes, playing loud for all to hear, incase we feel like dancing. If things get really jiggy we might also wear our beautiful sequin glasses I picked up at Kroger. I heard the local German restaurant has a special Valentine's hazelnut macaroon—that might just put Valentine's Day of 2013 right over the top!

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by Bee Gees on Grooveshark
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing—Bee Gees
Feels Like The First Time by Foreigner on Grooveshark
Feels Like the First Time—Foreigner
Just What I Needed—The Cars

*we get the "all clear" to relocate on 2/12/13, so we can't say anything definite until then. but our apt has been rented to new tenants after us, so regardless we will be moving.


Battfam said...

Looking forward to seeing you two. Hope the move isn't too stressful, but the tunes should help.

Lucy said...

Yea. We are so glad to have you headed this way :)
Lookin' good you too!

SH said...

Those glasses are adorable! My hubby has an exam the day after V-Day, so we won't be doing anything crazy either. But I'd settle for an adorable photo like this one!


Bobbi said...

Cannot wait to see the two of you! Be careful and drive safe. Your pictures are oh so cute. :)

Charlotte said...

Love the glasses haha, you two are adorable x

Cassie said...

Moving is so much fun to do, fun to do, fun to do. Moving is so much fun to do, to do, to do, to do. NOT

So happy you are ready to get back to CA. (Too bad Layne will miss you. He'll be flying into John Wayne next week.)

Maybe you can get one more yummy icecream for V-day.

Julia said...

Great...now I'm gonna have "Feels Like The First Time" in my head aaaall day.