mistletoe hung where you can see

J was feeling like a lonely little elf under the mistletoe... but I could fix that.

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree—classic Brenda Lee version

Thanks Steve and Steph for the super fancy headband.
A little reminiscent of last year, yeah?

Consider this our 2012 Christmas card.


Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.
love, the egheads


imrachelnicole said...

omigosh, that is such a cute headband. LOVE IT.

These pictures are so cute.

Rachel Nicole



Lucy said...

Love your Christmas photos. You need to print some. :)
Looks like it took Jason a minute to get on board with his new headband in the first pic. Great gift from sunny Cali.

stephanie anderson said...

died laughing. made our night.

Rebecca said...

Those pictures are so cute!!!Have a happy Christmas!

Megan Marie said...

hey... do i spy felt balls on your tree?? i want some for my babies crib. where did you find them??

you really have the best style and i'll pay you to come do my house one day! yaya!

SH said...

I love the mistletoe headband! I've gotta remember that for next year.

Unknown said...

This is by far my favorite ever...such a cute Christmas card!

--Angie G