Merry and Very Bright

Over the last few nights we've been putting up a tree. A bright bright white tree.
Last night we hung the last acorn, ball, and bow... and Jason crowned it with a star.

There is something about a beautified (when lit, fluorescent) tree and garlands made of paper chains and pine-boughs that breaths comfort and happiness into a home. It's like walking into a big hug. We're thinking we might be leaving it all up until it's time for us to move out.

All I know is we love Christmas! It's merry and very bright; two things we really appreciate.

Oh. And I also know that Jason got a haircut and shaved off his whole beard. And if I'm telling the truth, I kind of miss it. The scruff, not the unruly head of hair—although the bed head had been quite fantastic lately.

Maybe after I vacuum I'll show off the rest of the joint.
But for now consider yourself hugged. By our Christmas tree.


Eden Marie said...

Beautiful! I love a white Christmas tree! :)

Aimee and Mark said...

I love it!

Kimber Pogue said...

Beautiful photos! I love your Christmas tree!

Lucy said...

I think you should leave your tree up too! Fun!

Torrie said...

I think I say this almost every time I comment on your blog, but I just adore your photography :)

What kind of camera do you use?


Caley said...

I am in love with your tree!!!!! Can't wait to see all the other decorations! Also love that these posts are more frequent! ;) Miss you!

Nash said...

I decided I'm getting a white tree next year!

SH said...

Ooh! I love the white Christmas tree. My husband and I just put up ours yesterday. Isn't it funny how just putting up a tree can transform the house?!