Reading in the Outfield

October is beautiful in North Carolina and last Friday was no exception. We decided to pack up our book, The Night Circus, with some pillows and blankets and find ourselves a park.
And that's just what we did.
It might be our favorite park around here, mostly because it's called Whippoorwill Park and that's fantastic. And there were some tennis courts and it's beautiful with a million trees (but that describes most of what we've seen of NC so far).
We read in the outfield (because Jas said the grass would be softer and less spidery out there) and listened to the creepy sounds coming from the surrounding woods.


Neither of us brushed our hair very good... but I wore my birthday sweater.
It made for a perfect evening.

We finished our book yesterday. Jas was sad and tried to drag it out so it didn't have to end... but it did and it was a good ending at that. Now we're looking for our next great book adventure!


BPark said...

You both are looking great. Hope all is going well with the recovery

Andrea said...

You two are adorable! Do you guys read outload to each other? I find that (oddly/cutely) super romantic. Love it.

Christy said...

I've never been to NC but I served in the Washington DC South Mission and most of it was northern Virginia. It truly is beautiful there and so green! If only the humidity wasn't so horrible! :)
You two are so adorable! It must be nice to be able to spend this time together. I wish Geoff and I had done more stuff like this before we had kids. We were still very adorable also I must say. :)
Love the pictures! So glad Jason is doing so well! Love it!!

Christy said...

Oh... and just so you know... I totally read to Geoff so when I look at these pictures I imagine you're reading to Jason. Is that what you do? Geoff isn't a big reader (no time) but he likes when I read to him. I've read Twilight and New Moon to him to prove that the books are good and not lame like the movies. Haha.

Kayleen said...

could you guys get any cuter?

Lucy said...

Being outdoors is probably super good for Jas, too. Looks warm as I am putting on my shoes, socks, and 2 sweaters to go to work :(
Summer is over in Idaho.

Lindsay said...

Just spent half an hour reading your adorable blog. Laughs, tears... so glad to know you guys.

Kendra said...

Cold hands, warm heart by Jill Wolfson is a great book! It's a story about a 15 year old who gets a heart transplant, sooo good!!

Theresa said...

Just came back to your blog after a while. Thanks for the reminder :). I live that you called this your birthday sweater because I got the same one for my birthday this year from Elias! Hope you two are doing well :)