Go Team Jason California BBQ

Jas and I voted and, it's true, we have the very best friends in the solar system.

We are so grateful for everyone who put this fundraising event together and everyone who came. We didn't do a thing—we just showed up and chatted with peeps we love and ate what was maybe the best hamburger ever, plus some cotton candy! It was fantastic.

It was so humbling to see so many of what we feel is our California–family come to a party that was just for Jas. We are so grateful to be surrounded my such good people.

Thank you Steph and Steve. This big ol party fundraiser was planned and orchestrated by you and you did an amazing job. We just love you guys.


Gel said...

It was so fun to see you guys! We are glad things are moving along. Let us know if u need help packing or moving. We are praying for you and hope the best for you both!
Love you guys!

Natasha said...

What a great event...the cotton candy looks delish!

I just found your blog and am happy that I did! I have two cousins with CF and one of them just got put on the list for a double transplant 2 weeks ago. I wish you and your husband safe travels across the country :)

Anonymous said...

I check your blog every day in hopes that there will be a new post. You are amazing, what a trial you and your sweet husband have been given. This world needs more strong and kind people like you and Jason. I know that you will soon witness your miracle! Many prayers are offered on your behalf, I hope you can feel them!

Bobbi said...

You do have the greatest friends in the solar system! I am sure you and Jason are blessing their lives more than you know!

Lucy said...

Hey, I see Jason got himself a nice haircut! Looks very nice, even if it couldn't be done by Audrey. You do have some great friends....all over the place, ya know!

Unknown said...

So Addison came home from this just bouncing of the walls! "That was the best party ever!" "Cotton candy and face painting! Dad even got 5 whole dollars!!"

She had fun. Great event. We all love you so much.

{Such a sweet picture of addi and syd, they are little besties}