mail is better in a pink mini mailbox

I found these little treasures in the $1 section at Target. Obviously I had to buy one for each of us, I mean hello .... mini mailboxes for silly love notes?? I'm a little offended you even had to ask.

It's simple. Write the gushy/heart-felt love note, fold it up, shove it in the mini mail box and throw up the flag. Taaa-daa! It's V-Day up in heeeea!

To finish up this project, these little darlings were set on either side of the telly. That way we can check the mail while watching Idol.... because we might be just that lazy (or because we are super awesome multi-taskers).

p.s. I sort of hate the term "V-Day" and I don't know why. I'll try not to use it again.