Our WICKED Weekend

Our week was a doozy—very long and very busy. So when 6:30 Friday night hit we were both thinking a date night to Downtown Fullerton's ever delish Rutabegorz was in order. As we were circling in on our destination my phone rang.....

It was a super awesome lady from our ward who had just won 2 extra tickets from the Wicked Lottery for that night's 8:00 show!.... In LA.... At the Pantages Theater!
She asked if we wanted to take them.... we thought about it for about a millisecond and said "YESSSSSS!!!" (with some additional squealing from both me and Jason). 

We jumped on the I-5 and hurried our little butts to Hollywood....
Jas drove like a champ through the Friday night traffic into LA and we made it to the theater just in time. I was so proud.

Lisa (our newest bestest friend in the whole wide world) gave us our tickets, a pair of binoculars and spoiled us with a beautiful Wicked book, Sprites and M&Ms for the show.
The theater itself made my jaw drop and I had to remind myself to close my mouth. Art Deco at its very finest—sort of made us feel like we should have maybe worn a tux and floor-length gown (the gown would be for me of course).
I cried twice during the performance and got a little choked up once on the way home. Not in the "oh how sad" sort of way, but in the "Oh my gaaaash this is so amazing! I can't believe I'm here!!!!" sort of way.

Best spontaneous date night of my life.

Fly to the moon.
Go to a Jack Johnson concert.
Take a million photos in Greece.
Go to a professional production of Wicked. CHECK!
See the pyramids.

*ok, so that's not my actual bucketlist. I never really want to fly to the moon, I hear the commute is terribly long—but last night (& my pal Caley) has inspired me to officially write up a hard copy.