like a little Keebler elf

Last night I found a little sack of happiness on my doorstep.
No one was there to be found, so I'm assuming they must have scampered away like a little Keebler elf.

Well! Happy Monday, I mean Tuesday, to you too!!

They were delish!

p.s. anyone who can spot the the Christmas tree and snowman among the sprinkles gets a kiss.

p.p.s. has anyone heard of the Neighborhood Plate? because that little lady has been floating around our hood for the past little while. really forces you serve peeps by making them lots of sweet things to rot their bellies.... I've been experimenting with new recipes. best way to do it I say! totally anonymous.


Cassie said...

How sweet! Finding something like that would make me smile on any kind of day.

Catherine said...

That is such a nice surprise!! I would love having an old fashioned donut show up on my doorstep every so often :)

whitney johnson said...

i don't usually like donuts but that sprinkled one looks craaaazy good!

Lucy said...

what a sweet jesture! may have to try that sometime.