ladies LA fashion district trip

Last month some of us ladies decided to jump in the car and scurry to LA for a girl's trip to the fashion district (check!).

We walked through the flower district first because we heard it was pretty.

Then came the textiles, where I scored myself some jersey knit for $1 a yard! In colbalt blue! And some lace! And some zippers! And lots of yards of other rad fabrics too!....... I'm feeling the itch to bust out the sewing machine and get all sorts of domestic up in here.

One thing that is super awesome about the fashion district is how the vendors there are always one step forward on the latest trends in women's fashion. SO bummed I didn't pick me up a pair of these..... dang it.

Once our little feet couldn't carry us any farther we decided it was time to take our bags back to the car and find somewhere super tasty for lunch. Our pal Sarah led us to this bratwurst place I cannot, and unfortunately will not ever, be able to pronounce (Wurstkuche. You try it).

But Ohhhh NELLY! That place is awesome! All of us girls were totally into those dawgs. And the Belgian fries. And the chipotle aioli dipping sauce. And the cucumber water. I get acid reflux just dreaming about it all....
Ok, so if you were to let's say, come to visit me, I think I would probably make you take a trip into LA for some Wurstkuche awesomeness. And then you would thank me all the way home.

Before we called it a day we asked a nice looking gentleman to take a group shot.

And the whole time I was screaming in my mind, Holy shizac!—that dude has my camera. Don't drop that! Don't drop that! Don't drop that!
Much to my relief, he was quite steady with his hands and returned her back safely.



Mardi said...

OOH - I am so jealous about the $1 jersey knit! I would so insane there! If you are looking for some ideas on knits, check out http://elleapparel.blogspot.com/. She has some fabulous tutorials. Love the red lips, by the way.

Cassie said...

What a fun day! You are all so cute.

Cassie said...

What a fun day! You are all so cute.

Lucy said...

Saweet day :)

hdrapetis said...

hi there! I bumped into your blog just today (I saw your valentine craft- the letters in those really lovely envelopes) and I really liked this post (and the one with you cuddling with your husband- so cute!- and the one when you had to be in hospital- ok, this is all I've read so far :-) Well, I reaaaaaally liked this post! I was so jealous! this fashion street looks soooo great! We don't have that in my hometown- as small town in the North of Greece, called Katerini, very very close to mountain Olympus-. I wish I could go for a walk with my friends too looking for nice AND cheap things!