mustard and busy and dancing and exposing myself, the usual

thanks for the photo Shonee!

Life has been so busy lately that I sometimes forget to second-check what I'm wearing. Today I looked real profesh in a shirt with a mustard stain right up front and center. Yeah... didn't notice until I had been in public (lots of public) for SEVEN hours. And at the same time I realized the mustard stain I also realized that the top four buttons of my shirt were undone. I don't know if you're keeping track—but four is a lot of buttons. Well hello there ladies!! Don't know how long that was happening.... it's ok, we cool.

On the upswing I got to go to Ellen yesterday with some lady friends! And how fun was that??! It aired today and if you saw it you might have seen little me dancing with Ellen (by the word "with" I mean a step above, middle row and 1 person in... but whatever) in my bright red awesome pants. It was LL Cool J, Jonah Hill and Jason Derulo—yeah, I had to ask my pal Krystal who all those people were because I'm obviously not wid-it.
It pretty much amazing. Even got myself a free cd—first cd I've owned in a very, very, very long time... now what do I do with this again?


Amy said...

So awesome! My mom, sister and I tried getting tickets to Ellen about a year ago. How'd you get them??

Lucy said...

Sorry about the mustard stains. That's suck.
Happy for you to be on TV though. (stain and all)

Battfam said...

Fun, fun, fun in California!

Annette said...

Fun!!!! You are so cute! We miss u guys! LOVE your blog! and pics!!