Happy weekend and hellllllo October!!!

Yesterday I did my hair, that was fun. And would you believe it? it looked mighty nice. That's the first decent hair day in like a hundred weeks. Jas even told me that he liked it, and then he told me I looked like a flower-child..... But I'm pretty sure that was directed to my peacock feather blouse (did I just say blouse?) and my awesome red pants that I try to wear every day (but you can't wear red pants every day because it's kind of noticeable and peeps will think you're gross).

Today I'm making soup for dinner because it's supposed to be fall and I like minestrone—plus I asked Jas what he wanted for dinner and he said "That one soup...... you know..." and oh, I knew.

This weekend we'll be watching and listening to general conference. I've been pumped for this all month!!!


Unknown said...

Love the flowers. :) Also, isn't general conference amazing?

emma miller said...

the photo is perfect :) Have a great time at general conference!