a good smoothie combination

There was a minute there when I was making and drinking green smoothies all up in here..... then I got bored of them and my stomach told me it was thinking about a protest.

So what did I eat instead? Well chocolate and candy of course!!!

Then my stomach really did start to hate me and so did my face (I'm convinced that's where the recent break-outs have come from....).

Now I'm back on the smoothie train and this is what I made for my mucho-healthy lunch:
2 bananas
1 apple
some all natural apple juice
some frozen berries
like 3 cups spinach (or whatever fit in my blender)
+ 1 tsp vanilla


And it's seriously amazing how good my body feels. Much better than the left-over German pancakes smothered in syrup and powdered sugar I had for lunch yesterday—which was swiftly followed by what I believe may have been a mini heart-attack.

p.s. anybody have recommendations for a good protein powder??


Unknown said...

We love smoothies around here! My kids think they're a treat, too. We aren't too picky about protein powder, other than we like vanilla. We usually get it at Wal-Mart or in bulk at Costco.

Nash said...

i think it's muscle milk from costco. good for you!

Shauntelle said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe! I'm totally going to try it out!

Torrie said...

It's not exactly a protein powder, but I really love the Instant Breakfast packets by Carnation; they have a good amount of protein in each one. I know Slim-Fast shake powder has even more. That's all I've got...:)