cake for breakfast, stomachache for lunch

I'm an old married lady and play Bunco and stuff. I got real into it and even hosted last night.... Which was a little more stressful than I had anticipated—but buying all of the $5 prizes did wonders for my itch to go shopping. (I may or may not have purchased this scarf and I may or may not have worn it on my head like a turban... hey, it was like six bucks, $5.44 + tax to be exact. Happy bunco to me.)

For the party I made this cake of lemony-poppyseed goodness (thanks for the link, Cas).
Not the most healthy cake in the world—and maybe that's why it tastes so good.

.....and maybe that's why I insisted on having cake for breakfast too.

Which reminded me of this little 5 mins of Jim Gaffigan awesomeness.
It's seriously only a little clip; if you don't watch I'm going to have to think you're a little boring...... sorry.


Brissa said...

lemon poppy seed and jim gaffigan are two of the best combinations this world could have given us.
bless you for posting them together. bless you.

genevieve said...

"How much denial are we in when we're eating mini muffins?"

HAHA. And his opinion of fruit cake is spot on. I love that clip. Oh my gosh. And your cake looks so darn good! Loving that scarf, too.

Unknown said...

ahhh hahah haha ... and a little more hahah! I love jim. And I am ashamed to admit that I had some of Addison's birthday cake for breakfast. It was so tempting! AND loved bunco.. you were a great host and the cake.. delish and the turbin was so cute ;)

mandyface said...

i LOOOOOVE jim gaffigan. and cake. good post.

Lucy said...

I didn't know you played Bunco. You think you'll try Bingo, too?
I love that video too. I laugh out loud when I hear that one.