my toes get the star treatment


Some gals said they were going to get themselves pedicures and I said "Pedicure? Umm yes please." So yesterday I hopped in the shower right after my workout and took extra time to shave my legs (didn't want to exfoliate the crap out of anybody's hands when they had to massage my legs....I'm really thoughtful like that). And we drove over together, pumped for some ultimate relaxation.

Anybody remember this nail salon?

Our pretty nail ladies sat in a row in front of our chairs, chatting with us. The two girls I went with are in the bebe-business if you know what I mean....totally preggers—like Aubrey's having her babe on Tuesday, Krystal is due middle of May. Krystal and her husband are not finding out what the gender is and the nail ladies were full of tricks and tips of gender-guessing. "You ly sweet o sowa?" "No no no no. Dat one don matta."—"You beby pointy, you having boy. I know."—"You pom soft? Boy. Boy means soft hand."
Then our friendly little ladies turned to me, "You single?" Dang. Forgot to wear my wedding ring. "Nope. I'm married." which I promptly followed up with "But noooooot pregnant." didn't want that awkward conversation. "Oooh. How long you marry?" "Almost three and half years." "You have no beby?" "Nope. Not yet." "Oooh. Time for beby. Beby is niiii. It bring you closa togetha."

Oh I loved it.

Best day of my week. And the leg massage part was heaven aaaaaand my magician-nail-lady made my teensy-toenails look normal and nice and not abnormally small and freaky.

I think I'll be going back. Next month? I'm sure we can work it in the budget.

When it was all over I ended up with blue Hawaiian flowers on my big toes. I must have agreed to it.... somewhere in the middle the "what?"s and "oh. ok..."s. Definitely not a royal blue girl, woulda asked for a nice coral with gold sparkles, but it's all good. I think she was just matching my toes with my skirt (which I'm pretty sure, by the angle of the chair, peeps could see straight up).

Next time I'll wear a coral sweater.


Unknown said...

Arg! I was so mad I couldn't go with you gals, but your toes sure look pretty!

Bobbi said...

what a lucky gal you are! I don't mind the blue flowers. :)

Unknown said...

Jealous! The only time I get pedicures is when a friend is getting ready to have a baby and I go with her. And did you go with Aubrey Nielsen? Maybe the pedicure will get the ball rolling for her!

Cassie said...

Last week I was telling a friend that all my sisters had nicer feet/toenailes than I ended up with and how teeny tiny my toe nails are. Now I know I was wrong and you got that kind too! But your nail lady did make them look awesome. I think I need to visit your nail lady. Although, it might be easier to find one of my own on this side of the US. Anyway, I think the blue flower are cute.
AND I just made my toes a coral color. (My fav toe nail color.) We are such sisters.

kate said...


i love pedis with friends and the conversations from the techs.

and try being married for nearly seven years and no baby. you get lots of "why?!"

brandilyn said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! i love your dialogue. you look so pret-ay.

Mom of 12 said...

There's nothing like a pedicure to brighten your whole week! I can't afford a real one, so I bribe my daughters to do it for me.

Tucker's said...

Turned out super cute! Next time I'm for sure going even if I have to quit my job! :)

Hayley said...

Fun!!! I never ever have time (or extra cash) for that kinda girly stuff!

The Weekend File

Becca's Blog said...

I love how you wrote out what the nail ladies said to you...accent and all! It is so funny and so true.

They always ask me "You marry?" "You have boyfriend?" It's buggy.

Unknown said...

It was super fun.. and you nailed the accent! So funny! They were sweet hearts, but that does bug that she didn't even ask what color you wanted. I love coral too. Thanks for the good time!!

Rachael said...

I love your toenails, it looks really good! Sorry about the color not being exactly what you wanted though. But it still looks great. Love your sandals too!

Audrey said...

Looks lovely. I wish it didn't snow today so we could go get pedi's and show em off too!
Yeah, I want your sandals please?