I'll give you 30 minutes to stop that.

Jas was studying late a few nights ago (and like every other night this week) so that left me home with the telly. After some channel surfing I found that my favorite show was on (America's Funniest Home Videos of course! yes, somebody out there is still watching...) and it had to be the funniest episode I have ever seen!!!

After the show I searched for quite a while juuust to find this clip:

Jason says I love this monkey so much because he/she is kinda like me (with a lot more fur). And he's probably right—that monkey does remind me of myself and my dad and my sister and.... all them other itchy peeps.

Have a happy weekend!!!


Cassie said...

this is too cute!
I left this itchy family you speak of (I never understood the desire of being scratched upon) and then married one just like them!
Maybe if I try to picture this monkey when Layne scoots closer and moves my hand over I wont get so bugged.

the h fam. said...

haha i loved that video! we are still fans of the show too!

Emily said...

Ha ha oh I loved that! I can totally relate too :) I love it when people scratch or rub my back. It feels so good!

Whim Wham Life said...

Hilarious! Monkeys are the funniest furry things ever. When I lived in Africa, I had a few interesting adventures with some of them:-) xoxo