colorful eggs and our yardstick kitchen

Easter is waaay up there in the favorite holiday club. Maybe just after Christmas? hmmmm, yep, Thanksgiving and St Patty's just got the boot.

Last night we turned up the jams and got all scientific in the kitchen with egg dye, vinegar, water, baking soda* and such. We did break it down when a particularly good dance beat came on and there might have been some slow dancing to Tim McGraw while our eggs sat in their designated dye cups (do you know how hard it is to be all "slow slow, quick-quick, slow" in a kitchen about as wide/long as a yardstick? let's just say we're pretty much awesome at dancing).

While the eggs dried we laughed at Baby Mama.
Overall, egg-dying-dance-party-movie-date-night was smash hit. And that's how we roll.

*what's the baking soda for?? weeelll, watch this and then go get all mad-scientist up in your kitchen. pretty cool....

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful egg photos miss! Baby Mama cracks me up every time.

<3 Shelby