bombs away

The bug man is supposed to be coming to my humble abode to bug-bomb the crap out of the spiders who decided to take up residence. I found a web across my shirts hanging in my closet—and the shirts I wear all the time, not the ones in the dark back corner. If you know me, you know how creeeeeeeped out I got. Right after that we made an appointment with The Bug Man and I've been looking forward to this day.

On an another, unrelated note—this is the closest thing Jas and I got of a photo together on our SF trip and that's kind of a bummer. But at least we got these little darlings with awesome owl hats on. (I have been wish wish wishing we handed over the $$ and took those babies home. Aren't they fantastic?!)

To see the complete, unabridged version of my photos from the city by the bay head over to Photo by Geri and check them out!

Anyways.........Op! Was that the doorbell?? Gotta run folks, before I get gassed!


kylee said...

worst thing out there. i don't care how small they are or how harmless they seem they are my enemy. once i had one crawl across my neck while i was in bed, yeah in my bed, with my computer. worst experience ever. hope your bug guy gets them all.

Rachael said...

Spiders...creepy. Hopefully there's not a lot of them roaming around!
Love the owl hats! Too cute!

mandyface said...

Loooove those hats!! And boo on bugs!

emma miller said...

I hate spiders too and ants! Ants are taking over our house and we don't even eat sugar! I love the hats to, everyone looks wise with an owl on their head :)

Audrey said...

I am not sure if everyone quite understands your ture hatred for spiders?? You forgot to mention you cant even watch Charolettes Web! I hope all those little suckers are lickity split!
Ewhhhh remember that one on your blinds right behind our heads??
Those hats are ADORABLE!

angela hardison said...

adorable photos! and yes those hats are fantastic. i hate how hard it is to get pictures together on trips (when it's just the two of you).

genevieve said...

Best hats ever!!

Ashley said...

I absolutely love it :)

((I call it my happy hat))
I haven't seen anybody else with it :)

P.S. I absolutely love your blog!