you guys are AWESOME!

The itchy situation happening under my beanie.
The word beanie. Eww. OH! and now the word "Eww". Somebody stop me!
Driving around with my gas cap hanging open.
The guy honking at me to roll down my window so he could tell me that my gas cap was open and the other cars honking at us to go because the light turned green.
Watching the pick up guy get towed in the Albie's parking lot.
Dinner for Schmucks—the whoooooooole movie (don't recommend it, but I did rewind the part with Steve Carell leaving a message situation three times).
The lady parked next to me at the post office watching me play with the light with the camera on my phone (when there's awesome light I try to create good lighting patterns on anybody within my reach and I happened to be the only one around so that means I was my model.... and the lady next to me got a little comedy show).
The hair or eye lash or whatever that has been annoying my left eye all. day. long. I'm ready to dunk my whole head in the toilet and push the flusher!
My blue fuzzy socks I have been wearing in place of my slipper boots while they were in transit to here from Idaho (but now the boots are back and the socks have served their purpose).
The nasty plastic snake my dad put at the top of the box we had shipped.
My unquenchable craving for tacos—authentic, corn tortilla, cilantro and lime.

All of YOU who been even more amazing and supportive than I ever imagined! I have loved  your encouragement and letters. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
The feature of Photo by Geri on the Daybook today. Holla! AND the 20% discount I am giving on image discs for shoots that are booked in the month of January.
The nice wave that my hair decided to do when it air-dried today.
EA Active 2—AMAZING work out and pretty much fun (this from a girl who hates to exercise and hates the gym even more).
This new lose-lots-of-weight life style I have created for my little self.
The Biography channel on Hulu (I have a little somethin-somethin going in the corner of the screen while I work away).
Getting all sorts of packages in the mail (it's like Christmas all over!).
My slipperboots are home and on my feet again!
All of the awesome shoots I've been working on lately........ fun stuff will go up on the blog :)
Everyone who decided to join up in my quest to get all of my old clothes back.
Finding a check (worth lots of $$) that I thought was lost. I was completely sick about it. When I found it I cried and my sissie got to hear all of it.
MyFitness Palthe best calorie-exercise-weight loss-tracker I have ever found.


My good pal Sydney over at The Daybook does her Awkward/Awesome posts every Thursday. There have been so many awkward/awesome situations these days that I haaaaad to do up ma very own.

If you've got some awkward and awesome things happening in your life right now, give it a go. It's quite the party! :)

ALSO! don't forget to head over to The Daybook and check out the feature on Photo by Geri. And remember the 20% discount on image discs when a shoot is booked by the end of January!


Audrey said...

I laughed right out loud at everything you had to say. Very funny! Um, next time you come to Idaho please make Jason call Kevin. And I will make Kevin call Jason. K? Then we will party!

Unknown said...

Oh my word. Dinner with Schmucks. I watched it last night and had a huge discussion via Facebook about how terribly awkward it is.
I felt so EMBARRASSED for every character... especially Darla. And the pet psychic. And the list goes on and on.

But I heart steve carrell, unashamedly so.

Nicole Dianne said...

What kind of processing do you use on your photos? It's so soft and pretty. I really love it :)

Lauren said...

rock on geri! i looooove your photography, so glad you're doing a discount with the daybook!
eventually, i would looove to have you photograph us. call it a dream!

Unknown said...

@ Audrey: Hear Hear! :)

@Lauren: glad you completely agree! and sad I missed what sounds like a good discussion!

@Consider the Lilies: it varies a lot according to the images. I usually like to keep actions and such to a minimum, but in today's photos the color quality wasn't fantastic to begin with so I did quite a bit. I used some RAD actions (fave!)—clarify, winter, and oh! snap. I think. And I lightened the opacity on all of them to 50 or below. was that helpful? hope so!

@Lauren: you are the sweeeeeetest ever! thanks a lot lady and give me a call when you two are ready for your close up! :)

brandilyn said...

um, Geri, YOUR blog is awesome! i wish we had hung out in rexburg because i feel like we would have been instant bffs. i love your pictures and your honesty and your face 'cause it's pretty.

Ash said...

hello love! Found your site from the daybook :) guess what, I live in SoCal too!! one day, after much progression through the internet, we should meet up and be "real friends" as you say :)
Your pictures are amazing :) so serene and peaceful..


PearlsAndGreenTea said...

your awkward story abt the guy honking at you made me think of..

awkward: a guy kept honking at me and motioning something to me on the highway. i assumed it was some creep trying to pick me up so i sped up. he sped up and kept motioning. i sped up more. he then got behind me and turned on his sirens. WHOOPS! he was an undercover cop trying to motion to me to slow down. hahaha! luckily, he was super nice and just let me go with a warning! talk about AWKWARD!


Mallory Hanna said...

Just spent some time reading your blog and I have to follow. I too am in love with your honesty and love your eye for beauty.
Thank you for sharing!

Hayley said...

Hi! I got linked to you via Sydney and I just love, love, love your photography and your blog! Is it really creepy that I totally was reading your blog thinking "She could be my friend!"? Ha Thats weird but you and your hubs look so nice! Where in So Cal are you? We are in Riverside but work in Costa Mesa. I wish I had a reason to take up the offer, but boyfriend is pretty camera shy and we don't really have anything to celebrate... maybe show off our puppy!? We will see! Anyhow i'm going to be your new follower!

The Weekend File

Rachael said...

Gas cap being open....that would be something that would happen to me!
But it's nice that someone informed you of it.
Love your beanie by the way. It is kind of a funny word. I don't know why the hat is called that. It doesn't look like a bean to me....maybe from above?
That you found a check with lots of money!! That's a great find!
AND that you not only air-dry your hair, but you air-dry your hair and it looks nice!! Mine...not so much.

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Geri! I'm looking forward to browsing through yours a little more. What a cute little space you've got over here! :)

Kathryn said...

I just found your blog and I'm kind of in love :) But I do have a question for you. What was your major in college that allowed you to pursue photography? It's something I've always been interested in!

Jess said...

I love myfitnesspal! It is the greatest calorie tracker ever! And Dinner For Schmucks was lame. I maybe laughed once, maybe.

Nicole Dianne said...

Yes that was very helpful! I forgot which post I had originally asked the question on and I just found it. Thanks so much. Your pictures are wonderful :)