So I told you how much I love the LB Airport right?

Well I really do.

I flew out of there by my own little self on Monday, to get to Idaho and work my buns off before the holidays, and everything went without a hitch. So much better than that other airport in LA called LAX or something real hip like that (I have lovingly named it Big Ol Nasty). All airports are hopping, even the cute little ones like the Long Beach Airport. There is always somebody talking over the intercom: "Don't leave your belongings unattended somebody might put drugs or something in them or they might just steal them altogether." "Increased security.... we can search you however/whenever we want." etc.

Well, while I and my fellow passengers were waiting to board the plane a guy's voice came on saying, "May I have your attention, this is Tyrone from the Long Beach Airport Lounge. Will the person who was pushing a wheelchair come back to The Lounge and pick up the wheel chair and its passanger?"

A) The LB Airport has been signed, sealed, delivered--I'm in love for life.
B) I think I'm going to be real picky about who gets to push me in my wheel chair.

Anyway, it's good to be back in Idaho--snow and wind and cold and all. It's where all of our Idahoan peeps are! And I'm so happy we get to have a white Christmas.

p.s. when you fly on planes and take things in tubes (foundation, zit cream, face wash.....) does something bad happen and every time you try to use those items the stuff on the inside shoots out whenever the lid is off? it's really messy and really buggy. is there anything to make it STOP?! my face looked all sorts of nasty today because too much foundation came out and I was not about to waste any of that stuff!


Sydney said...

haha! Oh Ger. You make me laugh!! That little airport sounds adorbs. I wish I could come visit it. But you're HEEERRRREEE!! How fun! I bet your fam-damily was just stoked! What's Jas doing? Is he gonna come up later?

Hope you guys have a VERY merry christmas!!

Alyssa Richardson said...

hahaha i know exactly how you feel about LAX.... i hate that place. But my sister only lives 10 minutes away from it.... so i kinda have no choice. Although you have no idea how much i wish i could fly into the LB airport ( and i've also noticed that it's actually CHEAPER to fly into that little airport the LAX)

I've noticed that if i can take it in my carry on and not put it back with the luggage, since the cabin is pressurized it tends not to do that, but besides that i don't know.

Alyssa Richardson said...

That the was supposed to say "Than" LAX not "the" :)

Battfam said...

I like the wheel chair story. Jason didn't come with you????

Unknown said...

Jason's flying in today. He had school and tests and papers and stuff.

Elaine said...

You should try squeezing the air out of your tubes if you can. (Wow. That can be TOTALLY taken out of context.)


Brooke T said...

oh my goodness I love your blog and you and your husband are so cute together!! You also take very beautiful pictures!