photo by geri: family session

So I've been workin hard these days so gear up for more photo posts coming your way!
Today it's the Simmons fam, which happens to be my fam. My brother and his family came on over to CA for a little D-Land trip and we managed to squeeze in some time for an awesome photo sesh. Because we are so cool like that.

Me: "Jayce [cute boy in photo below] show me what you have to do before you go on rides at Disney Land!"
Jayce: silent with some minor grunting and full concentration as pictured below
Poor little fella had to learn the sort-of-tip-toe-stretch-your-neck-as-hard-as-you-can trick and sometimes he still didn't make it on those dang rides! But he got pretty good at this move by the end of the week.

My mom and sista are flying in tomorrow and I am so pumped! We love visitors. We really do! (and my hair is excited too) Woot-Woot!