my breakfast in bed

This morning the iPod alarm system tried to wake me up, but it was a really nice little Christmas lullaby and it had the very opposite effect. Our apartment has been getting pretty pretty chilly in the night, and you know how fantastic a warm bed feels when your nose is a little cold from the temp of the overall place. So I snuggled back in and let the not-so-good iPod alarm put me back to sleep. Until Jason rocketed out of bed and said "Time to wake up!" "Time to get up!" "Get up! Get up! Get up!" over and over and much too loud (and talk about an annoying alarm-clock).

But I didn't care. I was happy and cozy and most importantly warm. And then a really really annoying Christmas song followed up the first number. So I pushed next on the iPod alarm clock thing and Jason popped his head into our bedroom and said. "Today is the day I make you breakfast in bed!"

Now this idea I liked. I could hear him pouring things and bowls clanking and pouring more things and before I knew it he was back with a bowl full of Honey Nut Cherrios. Not exactly the breakfast in bed I thought might be coming after winning the great debate (thank you very much), but I'll take what I can get. So I watched an old episode of Friends, ate my Cherrios and wished upon a star I hadn't made fun of the whole Snuggie idea so hard core last year, because it sounded pretty in-genius while I fought with my blankets.

Ok, so my breakfast in bed was not so glamorous; but it's us and it works and we like it! (and I know that you are wishing that you had a crazy alarm clock buddy who pokes and pushes and sings and shakes you awake every morning.)

And after all of this talk about a chilly morning in the apartment you are wondering why we don't turn on the heater? Well because I refuse to use a heater when we're living in the middle of Orange County! Where it's like 70 degrees and beautiful outside today! I'm a rough-and-tumble Idaho girl—I can totally handle a little 62 degree apartment weather!


Kara Lynn said...

I complain when my house is below 68. You are brave! Ha ha. What a cute husband/alarm clock. But after the great debate you definitely deserved waffles. Next time you will have to be more specific in your betting.
Sounds like such a good morning!!

Audrey said...

Yea...so we pulled our space heater out like beginning of November and I thought THAT was late! Uh, and DANG cute of Jason for breakfast in bed! PROPS man, props. And maybes some brownie points? Haha!

Natalie said...

If you can't wear a Snuggie I have found an alternative:

I can't decide if it's better or worse than the Snuggie...

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Yeah..what about a space heater? I would die without ours..


Unknown said...

Maybe I should have been a little more specific! :) But he did get himself some brownie points. Fo sho.

oh! and Bee: That is waaaaay better than a Snuggie! I'm totally adding one of those babies to my Christmas list! Ha!

Jessica Adams said...

You are too cute. So glad you commented on my blog! Oddly enough I had a similar morning where my alarm clock fit just perfectly into my dreams and didn't do it's job in the slightest.

I'll be stopping by again!


Alyssa Richardson said...

I've decided cold is relative to where you are. mostly cause by the end of my week in Cali, i was freezing when it hit 62 degrees. and it was 40 degrees in rexburg and i thought it was warm :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I would KILL for 70 degrees. It's not even that warm in our house. And outside it's around 20 right now.

kate said...

yep. seventy degrees sounds lovely right now!

Emma Ann said...

good for you girl for not turning the heat on! we did the same thing but... we live in NJ so it got pretty cold, 40's inside last week, so we lasted till this week to turn the heat on! but keep up the good work!