it was a Sperry Merry Christmas and I have sparkly sparkly fingernails and a bow in my hair.

I have had my little eye on some Sperrys for about two years and guess what a little Santa named Lucy (that's my mom) got Jas and I for Christmas?!

Matching Sperrys!

We picked them out, tried them on about a month ago. And I was still tickled pink when I ripped off the wrapping paper. Love them! So excited. Jason loves his too, he keeps saying how cozy and light they are. (Not to mention real dapper and adorable.)

I know it's suuuuuuper cheesy, but I like that we are twinsies. It makes me happy.

OH! and I made a bow in my hair. It made me feel pretty fancy. Or maybe it was the sparkly, sparkly, gold fingernails that did it..... either one. All I know is we put on our shoes, I tied my hair in a bow and we rocked that Taco Bus! (yes! I finally made it to the Taco Bus and I plan to make it there once, maybe twice more. I love it just that much.)
Don't you worry your little self---there will be lots more photos from the Taco Bus. Maybe tomorrow.


Emily Meyerhoffer said...

Very cute and very cool bow in your hair!

kate said...

so many great things in this post.

hair bows. sperrys. and a taco bus?! a fabulous christmas indeed.

suzy said...

hoh! i love it all--specially the golden fingernails.

the h fam. said...

can you show me/us all how to do the bow in your hair?? it's so cute and it'd be a nice change for my winter pony tail look i got goin on. mmmmk thanks.

Leigh said...

Love the blog!
Love, Leigh

Lauren said...

is that the one in rexburg? T & i ate there for our first date =)
beware of those carrots! they are spiiiicy!

Unknown said...

thanks dudes! ya'll made my day! :)

Rach: Will do! But just becuase you asked so nicely.

Lauren: Rexburg right next to the round-about. What a perfect little first date--no wonder you fell in love! And those carrots scard the C-rap out of me!!! Been there twice this trip and haven't seen a-one yet.

Sydney said...

GER! Love this!! Will you teach me how to do a bow in my hair?? Pretty pretty please? Maybe with a cute little video tutorial so you can make a fool out of yourself like I do every time I turn on the video recorder?
K thanks.

wishful nals said...

that bow in your hair is GORGEOUS! i think this is my new new year's goal. :)

beau&lindee said...

i love love love the bow in your hair! how did you do it?