watched the Barefoot Contessa for the first time yesterday

Haven't tuned in once before and this show is in it's 11th season!
(and I thought I was kind of on top of things...) I have heard
about it lots and lots, but never really thought to watch.

Anyway, I was totally and completely inspired to make all sorts
of amazing dishes, starting with a dinner of Chicken
Bouillabaisse and Fleur de sel Caramels for desert last night.
(even took a few notes!) Then I kept editing photos and
editing photos (I guess I kind of get in the zone) until I ran
to pick J-Dawg up from the school at about 7 o'clock.

We were both pretty famished by that point so we grilled hotdogs
and ate them on slices of bread (because we both hate hotdog buns).

I'm thinking the Barefoot Contessa wouldn't have been impressed.

But I do like me a grilled hotdog every once in a while.
And I guess that's how we roll.

p.s. I was kidding about the Chicken Bouillabaisse. I've got a
strict no-cook policy on things I can't even pronounce. but I
wasn't kidding about that caramel thing—it sounds delightful!
I can kind of pronounce it, and it looks simple enough.

p.p.s. the poll closes tomorrow!
so take your last listen or forever hold your cheesy-peace.


Ashley Aikele said...

Ummm I LOVE Barefoot Contessa. Alden makes fun of me for watching it but one day I will attempt some of her recipes. The Fleur de sel Caramels sounds AHhmazing!

the h fam. said...

love the song....and cheese

Sydney said...

You're my hero. I NEED a little barefoot contessa in my life. But I'm probably always gonna go back to hot dogs. Or PB&J...whichever.

Bobi... said...

I like to cut my hot dogs in half lengthwise, fry each side, slice some cheese and eat it on bread with miracle whip, ketchup, and mustard. But I pretty much love hot dogs any old way you cook em!

Lucy said...

hey, sounds kinda good. Dad likes a fried hot dog, too. Especially on the George.
good luck on the cooking show recipes!

Cassie said...

I love Ina. I'm glad you got to know her. Go out on a limb and try the chicken dish. You might love it, or at least you'll probably like it more than hotdog buns.

Audrey said...

Dang I missed your poll... I have come back a few times today to try and then I realized it was closed so no wonder I couldn't figure it out... well add my love it please... thanks!
And brush up on your cooking before I get there please, I like gourmet!!