mini photoshoot giveaway! (closed)

Say what? That's right. And just when you thought the mini sessions couldn't be a better deal these Two Cheap Chicks got a hold of me and said they want to give me away! (I don't think anyone has ever given me away before. Ooooo fun.)

You can get a mini photo session spot for FA-REEEE!
All you have to do is head on over to Two Cheap Chicks and comment away. Talk about easy peasy.

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving.

(hope the turkey hangovers haven't been too bad for ya'll. did I tell you that I made my very own turkey? all by my very own self? well—me and the Barefoot Contessa who's online-turkey-roasting-special got bookmarked and my mom and my sister Cassie who I called quite a number of times.... BUT it came out all golden and brown and tasty tasty. I feel like a real-life true American wife. Woot-Woot! Who's proud of me?)