is she wearing a gray cardigan?

Why yes, yes she is, and there are no sweat rings in the armpit region either, thank you very much for asking. Thanks to all of you who gave your best advice on the woes of sweating I have now found a bit of a solution that works for me (finally)! You remember our discussion on the subject right? Alrighty then.
Well, I decided to give Certain–Dri a whirl because several of my pals (you better believe I took notes from the comments section of that post!) said it would be the answer to my probs and it could be located at a convenience store near me—that was a big selling point by the way. (they also advised me to never, never, ever put it on right after shaving... and well, let's just say I have to learn lessons the hard way. yeeeeeowza!) And look who is wearing heather gray without her arms stapled to her sides. That's right—me!
Thanks dudes, you da best.

And you are correct, that is the very same outfit as the one you saw in the previous batch of photos of me. I'm not ashamed, I found a little combo I liked and I decided it was good for another go. (don't tell me you never wore the same shirt with the same cardigan and the same necklace again because ya liked it so much the first time.... it's only sensible. when ya find something good, go with it I say!) However, I do wish a little bit that I didn't document both runs.  Ahhh well, what do ya do. It's gray and I'm not making rings in the armpits. Voila!
Maybe I'll come up with another good combo this week and find some reason for another self-portrait sesh so you can have evidance that I do have other clothes in my closet.

Can we all agree that the word "armpit" is awful? I think I hate it. Armpit. Yeah, ew.


Caley said...

yay! i'm glad certain-dri worked! and, i too wear the same shirt/cardigan combo all the time. i was even thinking about that this weekend...i think i wear the same thing to work every friday. oopsies!

Unknown said...

haha, so when I read certain-dri for a second I thought you were talking about me and wondered if I had given you any advice haha derrrr I am here laughing at myself now. But you know what, when I first got here I found certain-dri on the grocery store shelf and I HAD to take a picture with it.
well, I am glad you found a solution for your problem.

ps. another funny thing: Brad is here right by my side and when he saw your picture he said "Does she take pictures with her arms like that?" haha

Unknown said...

Caley: I knew it! glad to hear someone else fessing up! :)

Dri: oh! too funny. it's always fun to find funny little things that include your name. I still get a kick out of stuff that has the word Egg. (even though our name has only 1 "g")
and no no no no, I was just showing the dry underarms of course! (no worries, Jas said it looked funny too.)

Lauren said...

my girl Jet sweats more than any tweenaged boy at a multi-stake dance. really, it's bad.
i'm glad you found something that works for you!

Becca's Blog said...

Yeah, armpit is kind of a gross word. I just don't think that any body part should have a name that has "pit" as any part of the name.

I'll have to try the deodorant suggestion...I'm a sweater too. (Don't tell anyone). Shelly is too. It must be genetic.

Audrey said...

Oh Geri you crack me up sometimes! Okay, like all the time. :) Yea, pretty sure I wear alot of the same outfits that I love, and still there are clothes in my closet that hardly get touched! Sad day. Good job on solving the "a" problem!

Theresa said...

Haha, this made me laugh, glad you got the problem solved! glad also that you wear your clothes combos more than once, I wore the same dress/ sweater combo twice this weekend and I had to stop myself from wearing it today for a third day in a row :).

Cassie said...

I must thank you for your very personal armpit post. Thanks to Kristi (I think) I headed right out to buy Certain–Dri for Josie and life can now go on. Aren't you happy that she found this out at 15 years old?!?!? I think it might have changed her life. And I can buy any color of shirt for her without the fear of her saying take it back, I can't wear it because of my sweat. YEA! We owe you....and Kristi.