I think I have stomach ulcers

This weekend was stressful. Actually, scratch that, this year has
been stressful. Pretty sure I've got some ulcers to prove it.

 Isn't it funny how we make ourselves believe that
after each hurdle then things can be happy and easy again.
"After finals, then I'll be happy."
"After I graduate, then I'll be happy."
"After we move..."
"After we get settled..."
"After I get over this cold..."

And then once in a while we decide to be happy right
now; right during the middle of all that hard, stressful
stuff. It totally cuts out the part with all of the waiting.
But sometimes being happy is a hard thing to do.
It can wear a person right out!

Sorry about this random, thoughtful little post.
I guess it's what ya get after an exhausting few days.

If it wasn't 6:30 I'd be crawling into bed.
I think I'll just cuddle up on the couch next to my bud.

p.s. the poll is closed and thank you to all who helped
me score some breakfast in bed! woop-dee-woop!!
I knew it was waaaaay better than plain old cheesy.

p.p.s Jason would like me to recognize him and his
mad photo skills in the above photograph.
he's gifted and talented.


Lucy said...

How did that little song go? Don't worry....be happy.

Audrey said...

Haha! Way to go Jason-definitely a cute pic of you Jeri. I love reading your posts. And thanks for the reminder to be happy NOW! :D

Tucker's said...

Hey girl just wanted to say that if you need anything please just say something. Your Happiness inspires me so keep smiling! You guys are in our prayers :)

Sydney said...

aw GER! I'm so sorry everything's been so stressful for ya! It's so true that we live life like that. Good reminder that I just need to slow down and be happy in these last few semesters regardless. Get feeling better!!

Also, you wouldn't happen to be doing the 30 for 30 would you? Because I think all of us could get used to a few more pictures of Geri in her cute clothes :)

Audrey said...

cute pic...
someone needs a little color!
it has only just begun geri... pretty soon you are gonna look back at these times and miss it! your livin the life! (daws always says that when he is having fun.. "I'm living the life!")

Cassie said...

This made me think of something Elder Neal A. Maxwell said
".....it is a marathon, not a dash." in an awesome talk he once gave.


much love, hugs & kisses.