upside-down ice cream cake desert for breakfast

and it was delicious.
Today is very Monday and I'm not such a fan of very Monday Mondays.
(or Mondays in general.)

But yesterday was soooo good. I'm excited to share the details,
but that little story will come later. I will however share one
of the reasons that yesterday rocked and that was this
amazing little beauty called upside-down ice cream cake desert.

(acutally, I'm pretty positive it's just called ice cream cake desert, but
the first time I ate it my long-time-partner-in-crime, aka Maggie, told
me it was called upside-down ice cream cake desert and now I am
totally incapable of calling it anything else.)

Anyway, here's a little something that'll take us right into Tuesday:

(and this has nothing to do with yesterday, or today, or upside-down
ice cream cake desert. I just really love this song right now and I
really really really LOVE this music video. love it. like love it love it.)


Natalie said...

1. YUM!
2. Love that song/video.
3. Yes, September 4th really is the best date ever. :)
Hope you had a nice Monday!

Lucy said...

The dessert looks good and I like that music!

Cassie said...

*I haven't made up-side down ice cream cake in a VERY long time. It is one of those 'takes you back to your childhood' type of desserts.
*And just a FYI - Maggie called it up-side down ice cream cake because when you serve it you're supposed to flip it so the crumbs and chocolate are on the top. But it look pretty either way, in my opinion.
*And now I love that song too. Thanks for sharing.
*And I can't wait to hear more of your happiness. :o)

Sydney said...

OMGoodness! YUM! I want some for breakfast toooo! Thanks for your comments friend! The one about how close the "i" and the "u" are together on the keyboard was SO hilarious!

Katie said...

Love that song, thanks for sharing! My little Raleigh has been asking for it "again" all morning!

'Hel said...

Yum yum! and I love that table cloth too ;) miss you!

ailinh said...

Geri- You took fotos of my little family and i for one of your classes last semester i think. i bumped into your blog somehow while blog stalking some friends, and i am glad i did because i looove reading your posts!

amber lynn said...

that looks delicioso!!! and i love plain white t's too!