reason 168 why i love my husband.

He plays with my hair, rubs my feet or scratches my
back in trade for me to sit and watch baseball with him.
Photo 68
It was Yankees vs. Rangers. Rangers won pretty good.
(pretty sure Yankees' numero-uno-die-hard-fan-bro-in-law Jared didn't
enjoy the game quite as much as I did. did I just say I enjoyed the game?
I meant the 2.5 innings I really did watch. but I guess the good ol' Yanks
won today so maybe Jared's not too sad.)

*tomorrow (Oct 21) is the last day to vote for the Mr!

And now we're off to a Kings hockey game.
Never been to a hockey game—you better believe I've got my
camera all saddled up and ready to go! Better grab a sweater?


jason said...

I just voted!

Lucy said...

Go Jason.... especially for scratching during the game. very nice of you.

Audrey said...

What the heck? Why have I not convinced Kevin of this beautiful agreement yet?! Baseball is probs my very LEAST favorite thing to watch. And Kevin's fav. Dang you good girl! Oooo and the hockey game will be fun I bet. I've only been to one, but it was intense!