photo by geri: wedding part dos and teaching primary and feeding hungry boys

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I guess I've been feeling really churchy lately. We gave talks in
church on Sunday, then we taught a primary class (it was my
primary first, and to be honest I was scared for my life. we got
7–8 yr. olds and I just wasn't too sure if they would like the whole
put-your-watch-on-your-ear/put-your-shoes-on-your-hands bit, but
they ate that crap up! and they were pretty much the most reverent
kids on the block... or in the primary room. hip-hip! horray!).

Then we fed the missionaries yesterday and that's always fun.
I like to invite them over because we end up cleaning our apartment
a little bit better than usual (including the bathroom mirror) and I'm
pretty sure there are some blessings involved. (so cleaning up the
apartment means there will be some photos coming real soon peeps.)
It's been pretty rainy lately (like really rainy today. wow.) so I was
in the mood for some comfort food. There was only one thing on
my mind and that was sloppy joes! (that's right. weird? I know.)

I felt a little sheepish, but those boys chowed down.
(we do have quite the sloppy joe recipe, if I do say so myself.)


Sydney said...

Well THANK YOU GERI for that inspiration! I was wondering {yet again} what we'll have for dinner tomorrow night ... and now I know! Awesome

Audrey said...

Ditto. haha! And I can't WAIT to see your new place! I'm sure you've made it adorable.

Erin said...

Oh my, sorry I didn't know you were speaking on Sunday as well! Thanks for pulling a double duty and on short notice! You are super woman! Thank you so much. I'm so glad they were good for you, aren't they the best class, I just love them. Thanks again. And I need your Sloppy Joe recipe, mine is just so-so.