new diggs: the pool

To start off our little tour, I thought I'd start with the pool.
Because, well, it's beautiful, and because I need to do a bit of
cleaning before I show you the living room or kitchen or whatever.

We've been going down at night to swim laps and then a quick dip
in the hot tub, naturally. And Jason studied down there last night
because he didn't want to go to the school and because I was in the
mood to tell a lot of stories and I guess it's hard to study when someone
is talking to you. Who knew?

Anyway, post one of the tour! Enjoy:


Sydney said...

Ger! These are gorgeous :) My fave is the first black and white one. The sunny haze is crazy cool!! You lucky ducks who have a pool ... good NIGHT!

Steve and Stephanie said...

haha that's funny about you wanting to tell stories :) how are you liking this weather!?!? love this pics OHHH and I went to the link you shared about the watercolorist (is that a word?) and I LOVED that "Be Kind To Others" one...and I may just buy it....? We need to play soon darling

ashley mikell said...

ooh la la that is way fun! i want to come for a visit!

suzy said...

how do you go about taking pictures of normal things and making them look like magazine things?

USA said...

what a fun place! i love your eye for photography! fun to keep in touch with you guys! take care.

Lucy said...

Yea. I like the beginning of the tour!
nice pics too.

Nicole Marie said...

jealous!! i want to swim whenever i want!

Cassie said...

The pretty pool is great. Is there also a Pool Boy?
Now I want to see your dirty house. :o)

Annette said...

I'll be right over with my towel and sunblock! Beautiful Pictures!!!

Michaela said...

Wow! How nice! Sure beats Main St Station :) hahaha. I LOVE your bw pics!!! And somehow you make me miss CA! Can't wait to see pictures of your apt!!

the hawker's said...

nice pool missy! looks like fun!

hey, by the way, did the Scroll ever call you guys? I talked to them the day after you asked me about that and gave them both of your cells and was just wondering if they ever contacted you? just let me know!

oh and p.s. we got your package.
loved it.
especially the shout out to blake.
made his day.

p.p.s. i'm checkin out the tickets. maybe santa will be good to us this year... i'll let ya know when we know, ya know?!

love ya!