happy halloween!

we were garden gnomes—what were you?
Halloween is definitely not my fave.

I guess I'm not a huge fan of celebrating spiders, I hate spiders,
and I can't really handle  scary movies or haunted houses and
the smell of pumpkin guts makes me queasy and the color
orange brings out my mustache. Ok, so maybe I'm just
the classic wimpy friend who even gets scared T.P.ing houses.

And while we're confessing things here, I'll just let you know
that I am also that wimpy friend up has to give herself a pep-talk
before riding the Matterhorn at Disneyland (and don't even
think about trying to make me go on that other roller coaster
that does all that crazy crap! are you kiddin me?)

Anyway, what I was getting at before is that I'm a little bit lame
when it comes time for this scary little holiday. But, Halloween
does have some redeeming qualities like carnivals, carmel apples,
cotton candy (yep, they had that at the ward party last night
because they're totally rad), and clever costumes (that does not
count creepy masks. hate those) and pumpkin patches.

So since I swallowed my Halloween issues, I bought some
felt and some batting and some yellow paint. Then Jas and
I spent a little time getting to know the nearest Goodwill's
around the area for just the right shirt for him. And
yesterday I sewed up the hats, Jason cut out the beards,
and I sewed the belts onto our bodies and–TAA DAA–we
turned into the best two lawn gnomes you ever did see.

I think I'm coming around on this Halloween thing.
By the time we've got kids and have to be super excited
about all things holidays I'm pretty sure I'll be good to go!
Just no spiders and no horror films and no carving
pumpkins—ther than that, good to go!

I'm going to ruin Halloween for the children aren't I.


Battfam said...

Such cute little gnomes!

Audrey said...

Sweet! You guys pulled it off nicely!

Lucy said...

My first time to see someone dressed up as a lawn gnome. Impressive...even though I've never actually purchased one...nor plan to.
You will love Halloween and spiders on Halloween someday!

Becca's Blog said...

Creative costumes. I like it. What made you think of being a gnome?

Sydney said...

You two are the CUTEST little pair I've ever seen! BEST costume I've seen YET!!

suzy said...

hahaha, VERY cute costumes. :)

Scott and Lindsey said...

I love it! And I love that you are loving Halloween more :)

Miss amanda said...

awwww cute costumes, cute couple, everything thing about your blog makes me smile... it is just all SO CUTE!!!!!

Becky said...

I love the costumes, you need to make sure to save them... my buddy dressed her 10 month old as a gnome too... so when you guys have a little one you could be a family of gnomes!!

Ashley Aikele said...

ahhh yes so great. I always thought I would wait till I had children to implement this idea but heck you guys make awesome life size gnomes! Maybe next year we will do this, it doesn't get easier than felt :)

amber lynn said...

hahaha i LOVE your costumes! awesome :)

LL said...

I've got to admit, I'm not a big fan of Halloween either, but you two would win my costume contest every time!