dates are important. i like dates.

I dragged Jason to the farmer's market last night for a little date.
(told you i was going to make him go with me!)

We walked around, Jason tried out every sample of fruits (I don't
think he touched a veggie) and I took lots of photographs.
After Jason's first sample he decided that this was he favorite date ever.
We tested out the pita bread and the 349 kinds of hummus (tasty. and
 i may or may not be exaggerating a titch about the hummus).
We made friends with a lady at the grape stand and then we made
friends with a school board politician on a bench (pretty sure he
was just trying to get our vote now that I think about it).
Then we held hands and I took more photographs.
We were so happy.
(him with the free samples and me with my camera)

Then we went to Wendy's (which is just down the street) and I
got my fave (spicy-chicken-go-wrap) and Jason got one too.
(they're like a dollar fifty)

And then we went home.
And he got a kiss.
(because that's what us girls do to tell boys we had a good time)

I think sometimes we forget about dates. We're married, we get in
ruts and then we forget that we can still have so much fun together!
And fun dates are just as important as they ever were.

The end.


Emily Meyerhoffer said...

So so cute!

ashley mikell said...

totally agree! i went to art weekend today! it rocked and hopefully i will be brave and try some designy things...

Audrey said...

Amen Geri. Haha, I can't wait for mine tonight!

Lucy said...

Dates are important! enjoy

Miss amanda said...

Cute post... I miss dates. Your post reminded me this is something I should work on.

Kim said...

Oh so true Ms Geri. Enjoy all that mild California weather. I am envious.

That photo is awesome.

Sydney said...

You guys are so great! That picture is stunning! I miss farmers markets!!

Rachel Wright {The Inspired House of Wright} said...

Gotta love a good farmers market! Love your blog, xoxo

the hawker's said...

i love dates.
and farmers markets.
and spicy chicken go wraps. yum!

kate said...

hooray for date nights!

hey, i noticed you're in fullerton? do you know andy and kylee fackrell? they're down there for law school, and i know she's mentioned there are quite a few mormons going to opthamology school.

Kylee said...

haha! Kate! You are such a blogger-I love it! Yep. We know Geri!