When a friend gets married

we throw a party! Naturally.
Remember my pal Al? Well, she got married—but before that we had a little
party about it. And we know how to have some good, wholesome, fun.

Complete with delicious treats
Fabulous gifts (and she got some really rad items)
A pink and shiny pinata
It was $4.99 from U.O – which is why it fell off the rope the first time the
bride to be made contact. Dang.
And a round of advice from the circle of wise ladies, with some Q & A thrown in.
Oh! And on that "good, wholesome fun" note we also had this guy.


the hawker's said...

i love this!!

and you're right, you sure do know how to throw a good party!

someday i want these pics from you {along with all the others you have of me. we need to get serious about our photo swap.}

thanks for sharing, ger!

suzy said...

that pinata is amazing. and i love the picture of your grampa...so funny

Jacob said...

looks like a blast, such cute friends ya'll are !

Sydney said...

Thanks miss! That means a lot coming from a blonde bombshell like yourself! And I'm totally jeal right now. NO SCHOOL! Jeeze, I can only imagine. Although, this semester is like the easiest one I've had yet. I'm basically finishing up my minor in journalism right now ... so it's a lot of comm courses {gag} and my only sunshine class is color photog with Atkinson {love him!} So things are fine. I'm DYING to see pics of your new place though! POST! POST! POST! POST!! haha. Your photography is lovely as always and I'm a big fan of the new hat. So sophisticated and Californian at the same time :) Sorry I haven't commented. I suck big time at commenting on other people's blogs. ;)

'Hel said...

SOOooo... Funny story! Your friend "Al" just moved into my ward!! small world! =)