reason 327 why i love my husband

Sunday was Jason's White Coat Ceremony—complete with
white coats and confetti! I guess you get a white coat when you
begin school and take the student-optometric-oath?
That's what I understood anyway.

The confetti was quite the surprise. We were sitting (directly into
the sun—dang) right under the confetti blast and for a minute I
thought that we maybe had a sniper on the roof.
A teeny bit creepy, but mostly fun.

P.S—Do you like my hat? Got it for my birthday (it was Sep 4. isn't
that a cute day? I love that day, I'm happy it can be my birthday)
from my best bud. It saaaaaaved my bacon while sitting in the
sunshine, and I felt a little bit fancy and that was fun.


Audrey said...

That looks so cool, and legit, and professional. Awesome! Your hat is dang cute Geri! Jason did good. :)

Chelsee said...

Congratulations to Jason! Jake just got his White Coat on Sunday for medical school! Good luck!

ashley mikell said...

Yay! How fun. And LOVE the hat. I am totally coveting it right now. I'm so proud of Jason!

Anonymous said...

yay for your hubby! and yay for your hat! seriously--where did he get it?

xox - laural

Taylor said...

How great! This is quite an accomplishment, I'm sure your so proud! Nice hat!

Tyrel and Brianne Garner said...

Love your hat Geri! congrats on your cool white coat Jason! We miss you guys!

Haley and Jon said...

Yay Jason! And, hello, I can't remember if I wished you a happy birthday. Sorry. I seriously have pregnant brain. I am going crazy!! Happy Birthday.

Cassie said...

Jason looks awesome in his coat and Jason is the bestest hat buyer in America! You look darling.

Caley said...

ok, LOVE the hat! and i guess jason's white jacket it pretty cool too! ;) miss you guys!

Neal and Angie said...

Congrats! It's official...he's a doctor :) I love your hat too cute!

Lucy said...

Jason looks like a natural!
cute hat, too!

the hawker's said...

love love.
and congrats!
{to both of you: jason, on your new dr.-hood, and ger, having the cutest hat EVA!!)