it's all going to be ok folks.

It was good to be home.
My dad is now in recovery and doing really well (for everything that
has happened). We are so lucky that they caught the problem in time.

Three of the five chest tubes, the catheter, some IVs and the ventilator 
have all been taken out so far. Now all we've got is the feeding tube,
two more chest tubes and two more IVs. Nice. (super nice actually.)

I guess people who have to go through this are usually in the hospital
for a bout a month—so that's what we're expecting (yet kinda hoping
for my dad to break out of the norm and go home early). We'll see.
No one wants him to go home more than him.

When he first started to come out of sedation he was drawing words
and pictures for us. Some of his first questions were: What happened?
Can I go home now? Can I get a Diet Coke (which he asked by drawing
the Coco-Cola logo)? (we said sorry, no) and since we said no to the nice
little cola symbol he drew for us he drew a CR and a baseball meaning:
 Turn on the Colorado Rockies and let's watch some baseball
if you're not going to give me a Coke.

And that's when we knew we got our dad back.

Thankyou for your concern and your prayers.
It has meant so much to us.


vanessa said...

i love how he communicated with you - that's great!! hope you all have a wonderful weekend together.

Annette said...

I had to read Justin the part about the baseball. That is totally your dad! I'm SO glad that he is doing better!

Lucy said...

It's so good to have him back to almost normal. He has been breathing really good on the breathy thing in front of the nurses. He says he practices between innings.
He got to eat real food today. I knew it was coming when he started getting food envy (the guy across the hall got waffles this morning....not fair) so for supper tonight, he got a pork chop! wow.
so far so good.