hens and chicks

So there is this thing that the girls in my family do every spring.
It's all of the women from my mom's side of the family—my cute little
Grandma Fern and my mom and all of her sisters are the hens and
all of us chillens are the chicks. Everyone who is around or available
comes and it tends to get a bit rowdy (18 up, it's kind of PG-13).
This year I brought my camera/flash/giant-purple-cardboard and we
made ourselves a nifty little photo booth. And aren't we pretty!
(sorry to keep you waiting, all you Furness ladies!)
It's maybe my favorite party of the year.
(Please click on this image and look at the tiny lady in red in the middle. Fave!)
p.s. If any of you hens or chicks want a little link to the printable size
of these photos just email me and I'll send it right along!


Lucy said...

Oh, my goodness.

Sydney said...

Ger, you are so creative! Love this photobooth!

suzy said...

what a good idea!!

Becca's Blog said...

Wow. What a "special" group we are!

Caley said...

oh how cute is that! i totally want to do this at my next girls weekend! thanks for sharing!

Battfam said...

Wo! You really did get crazy this year. I noticed a definite turquoise trend in the clothes too. Silly girls.

Audrey said...

Holy moly, this looks like a BLAST! Maybes I will have to tell Kevin's sisters about it...