we are alive and in california.

or i guess i could say we are living in CA.

so we didn't get the official memo that stated the part about refrigerators
not being included in a fully-applianced-up apartment. let's just say our
emergency fund (also known as a VISA credit card) found a shiny, slightly
dinged, maybe a tad scratched, but nice and cool home. (we bought our
first fridge at the sears outlet store right next to home depot for less than
half  the original price. it's a beauty. we tried our luck with craigs list. gag.
AND the nice maintenance man's stash in his garage.. yikes! i'll be telling
that whole story later if you are interested.)


our first day we stopped at walmart for the bare essentials (water, garbage
bags, toilet paper-my fave) and met a disgruntled check-out-girl who,
after learning that jason and i had just pulled into town, told us to run. to
"get out. get out of orange county now." the shock of actually moving to a
completely different state had been getting to me since we came over the
hill and saw the smog earlier that afternoon. i didn't need a cashier telling
me to run! i swallowed the lump in my throat and smiled and decided that i
needed to meet some people who like it here.

and then i did.

we met lots of people who love it here and the feeling of nausea/excuse-me-
i-might-start-crying-now went away because i realized that i can love it
anywhere (especially if we're talking palm trees outside my bedroom
window and 80 degrees and sunny all year round. but i have learned that
the warm weather brings different bugs onto the scene and i am not too
pumped about that! i've even met a few of the creepy creatures already
and it did not go well.)  if you know me you know that change is hard for
me and that i get really attatched to family and friends. but change is good
and i pretty much always like adventures and if this isn't an adventure...

now we're still setting the place up (need to decide what to hang on what
wall), jason has started optometry school and i'm blogging from jason's
laptop (had to take my own dang computer in for repairs on the LCD screen
that is getting all splotchy and foggy. when i took it in to the apple store
they assured me that it was still under warranty, but that the warranty
runs out at the front of september. somebody is looking out for me!)
the job search will officially begin on monday i believe (oh boy) and once i
get my apple back i will be working away at the photos i have neatly piled
up from the past little while. (if you are a client and you are reading this,
thank you for being so patient!)

and not to worry, photos of the place will come soon too!
i promised rachael a full-on-tour. lucky you.
we love it. (lots of closets and places to store all of our crap-ola!)

it's going to be home in no time.


Becky said...

I am sooo glad you are alive!!... especially since we will be there in 17 days!! YAY!! We can't wait to see you and your new home!!

ashley mikell said...

WAHOO!! glad to see you back! i am so proud of you two moving on all on your own. this is so exciting. i will be thinking of you. (especially when i need out of jr. high-- maybe i'll be running down there soon!)

Haley and Jon said...

Sounds like you had an interesting start to your new adventure. I am sure you'll settle in in no time. I've been wondering about you guys. Good luck on the job hunt next week!

the h fam. said...

what i can' t wait for:
1. the story about the maintenance guy's stash of refrigerators
2. i would like to hear more about why the girl told you to run out of orange county
3. and of course the full photo tour of the new place!!!!! so glad you remembered, i was worried you had forgot about my little request!
oh and p.s. sorry the little going away party didn't happen...my bad i'll take blame for it!

Cassie said...

There you are. Please send me your address.

Lucy said...

Looks good. I'll bet you'll love Orange County. Looks like a bit of heaven to me. (maybe a crowded heaven w/lots of hippies?)

The Gearys said...

Geri! Your home is soo cute! How fun is that?? :) It is a little weird with the maintenance man and the girl at the cash register in Wal- Mart, however you always have such a great personality that whatever comes your way, you are ready to handle it with a smile! That's such a great quality! Keep us all posted on how it goes!

the dingbat (Adrienne) said...


I'd say I miss you already but I don't want to add to the waterfall of tears. So instead - just have a wonderful time and remember what Driggs winters are like, and that you won't need to get stuck in my drive anymore :) PS - are you interested in selling your snow tires?

I can't wait to see the grand tour, and you knock em dead with your photography skills.

xox from the great (almost white) north!

Michaela said...

Glad you made it safely! How funny that your place didn't come with a fridge!? What?!

Adam,Emily, Paisley, Hayden, and Landon said...

yahoo! cant wait for a tour :D I know we didnt see much of each other, but the thought that I cant just drive over a few streets to see your beautiful face makes me sad. I know you will love it!

Unknown said...

Hi Geri! Glad that you are here and getting settled! I know, Las Palmas is crazy, no fridge, surprise!! Cute blog!

Taylor said...

good luck on your job search!

the hawker's said...

I sure miss your guts!!
call me sometime!
Rexburg just isn't the same without you two!

Kylee said...


Glad you are getting all settled.

That girl at Wallyworld was dumb. There are dumb people and cool people. I hope I'm the latter! :) haha. It was kind of hard for me when we first moved here too. It can be a little overwhelming. Im used to small towns.

Anyways, best of luck with the job search.

If no design jobs come up I would look into nannying...my friends little sister does it out here and man, she has some perks....just an idea! :)